Tromsø escorts an escort service

tromsø escorts an escort service

and sink the convoy. She makes several practice attacks on HMS Douglas (r. After 40 seconds a loud explosion was heard followed by another one 12 seconds later. Started attack, distance was still over 10 nautical miles. Haggard, RN) departed from Rosyth for her 10th war patrol. The reinforcement of the U-boat force in the Arctic to 12 in March and 21 in August (the real number was later found to be 23) was followed, along with the transfer orders to the large German ships. Went to 60 feet and altered course to 90 from the firing course. She is to patrol off Tripoli, Libya. From July through September small Soviet convoys assembled in Providence Bay, Siberia to be escorted north through the Bering Strait and west along the Northern Sea Route by icebreakers and Lend-Lease Admirable class minesweepers.

Badsworth s starboard engine was immobilised, with both shafts distorted. She was a small ship and appeared to be camouflaged. 25 In August 1944, the Arctic convoys had started again, the first one being escorted by Striker and HMS Vindex, a British-built escort carrier. Nicoll, RN) is docked in AFD 2 at Portsmouth. 0200 hours - The French destroyer ordered Gallium to follow her. He also told that the survivors of the British merchant Haxby had also been on board. To counter this threat, a task force was formed with HMS Battler, the cruisers Suffolk and Newcastle, and the destroyers Quadrant and Roebuck. Owning to the noise made by the hospital ship it was not possible to tell by Asdic how much the liner had slowed down. Presumed to be a torpedo hitting. Brookes, DSO, DSC, RN) conducted night snort trials off Leith.

This resulted in Vichy French warships sailing from Oran to intercept. 5 dock for a short refit. Haggard, DSO, DSC, RN) makes a short call at Port Victoria, Seychelles for fuel. 1652 hours - Sunset. In March 1944, one of Battler 's planes sighted the German supply ship Brake and three surfaced U-boats. 187 Rohwer, The critical convoy battles of March 1943: the battle for.229/SC122,. . Badsworth on escorting a Liberty-ship en route to North Africa. The two books differ in style, characterisation and philosophy (de Hartog was a pacifist, which cannot be said about MacLean).

Peers, RN) departed from Rosyth for her 2nd war patrol. 1926 hours - A searchlight was put directly on Truant, Dived. Obtained 1 hit just before the funnel. At 1634 hours HMS Truant attacked the same ship with 3 torpedoes about 60 nautical miles north-north-west of Tripoli, Libya in position 3346'N, 1257'E. (41) MS Truant (Lt.

18 Remaining ships continued westbound and were the only seaborne cargoes to reach Archangel while J W convoys were suspended through the summers of 19The Persian Corridor was the only all-weather route to the ussr and 4,159,117 long tons (4,225,858 t) of supplies were delivered. All torpedoes fired missed their target. 1640 hours - Surfaced and opened fire with the 4" gun. (35) MS Truant (r. She is immediately put into a floating dock. (31) MS Truant (r. The merchant ship was seen to sink in a few minutes. One Fw 200 and one He 177 were shot down by Grumman Wildcats. She must have unloaded her cargo during the afternoon.

German battleship Tirpitz: Tromsø escorts an escort service

Truant will remain at Portsmouth for engine repairs and refit until early March 1945. Baker-Cresswell, DSO, RN) and an Escort Group. She landed her wounded at Mola di Bari and her crew abandoned ship at 1110/24 but the tug Marittimo and water tanker Meteor (which was sunk a week later by Truant) were sent to her assistance and she was towed to Bari. The convoy also included the minesweeper Harrier and three trawlers. Brookes, DSO, DSC, RN) conducted snort trials off Rothesay. Brookes, DSO, DSC, RN) conducted snort trials in the Clyde area. Between this time and 2330 hours Truant was hunted by 2 of the escorts. Contents, design and description edit, the, attacker class comprised nine ships built in the United States for the Royal Navy during the Second World War. tromsø escorts an escort service Haggard, DSO, DSC, RN) departed from Colombo for her 25th war patrol (4th in the Far East). Haggard, DSC, RN) fires three torpedoes against the German merchant Bellona (1297 GRT, built 1929) off Suda Bay, Crete, Greece. Some 3,964,000 tons of goods were shipped by the Arctic route; 7 percent was lost, while 93 percent arrived safely. 83 Smith, Hold the narrow sea: naval warfare in the English Channel,. . 2348 hours - Asdic transmissions of the destroyers died away.

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